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Pay to Play

Posted in funds, index funds by moneyjungle on January 22, 2008

Gretchen Morgenson’s latest NYT column  points out FINRA’s Mutal Fund Expense Analyzer, a free tool that lets you model and compare the expenses associated with different mutual funds and ETFs. Also has a nice set of definitions to understand the various ways you are charged, like Front-End Load, and management fees.

Great tool, but a little depressing to realize that I just paid a 1% management fee to have Oakmark Select I tank last year.


Still Got It

Posted in funds by moneyjungle on December 26, 2007

Boston Capital’s fund manager of the year is sixty-seven-year-old Ken Heebner, whose $4.4 billion CGM Focus Fund is up over 75% year to date. This fund — one of four that he manages — is the top diversified stock fund in 2007, according to Lipper.

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